13 May 2009

Shopping madness

This day was only mine. I got up early, go school to get a print and go shopping! Its better than school, isnt it? Its cool to stay at home, when everybody else is at school. I have done with my writing GCSE, so im preparing my oral exams... They will be soo hard! I am really scared... Btw, it was my day! I bought some new tees and jeans. hah... I havent got enough strenght to take a photo of them... But i want to post them on my pupe page, here... I am soo weak to do anything, but writing these empty senteces.
Okay... I take some photos now!!

15 minutes later...

First, this peach colored simple tee is perfect, i adore this color!
Yaay, London, the most favorite city in the whole world of mine! The 1st... and maybe the second is...
Oui! and the 3rd maybe New York, then Moskva, Tokyo... I will go these places one day! If I've found some other tees with city themes, i would bought them all... and my wallet would be empty... ha ha

After Bershka, i bought a fantastic umbrella at H&M... It is black and dotty! Aww! If its not enough: its frilled on the border! ^^

Au revoir!

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