23 May 2009

2009's best crawling

Tonight, I was in the theatre with my friends, Babett, Alexa and Brigit. Okay, it wasnt enough, it is my life, nothing goes simply! ha ha
We met at 5 p.m. and travelled by subway to the theatre. Aaaand, an old man has stolen an other's backpack! WOW! It is not a safety world... That was the first thing happened this evening.
The second was during the play: That was soo funny! We have seen the play, Wait until dark. During the second part of it, one of the actors had crawled on the floor like a zombie. But, it was a serious play, the man wanted to kill the woman, but he had crawled, and I and Babett have started to laugh!! Everybody felt frightened, but we, we were laughing, like two idiots. XD
I am not serious enough... sorry ma'am.
Btw, i loved the play! And I'll never forget that man ha-ha!:D

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  1. haha! Thanks for writing about it, I'm too tired and ill for that... That crawl was unforgetable!