28 May 2009

I'm not seventeen anymore...

It was that holy day, the premiere day of the movie, Seventeen again (in central Europe). First, i should tell you, I'm not that girl, who loves these teenage-girl's dreams, like Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron. I'm rather addicted to Lee Pace or Noel Fielding.
I do not hate or love Zac Efron, but I think he knows the secret, how to make a girl to love him. He is young, thin, he has nice muscles, which makes our heart beatin'. This movie was awesome, btw. I love Matthew Perry, he is my favorite from the series, Friends. I love his jokes (:
I think, everybody knows what this movie about, so I won't write down the story. That man on the left was brilliant character!! LOL... He was Ned (like the piemaker^^), a lil bit crazy friend of Mike(Matthew P.). I loved the date scene with the headteacher:D
Okay, Zac, its your turn --->I dont really like the High School Musical, but in other movies, he makes a good job. I liked his character in the Hairspray and also in this movie.
This movie was the best comedy of the year. Or not. But maybe (: I laughed a lot, ha-ha :D I think i finish this note now, and go to rethink the whole i-love-or-hate-this-actor thing. Both of them is a fashion now: hate him and love him. I may choose neither of them.

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