29 May 2010




And yesssss, from September I’ll be a student of Werk, stylist course. This is AmAzInG.

If I get a job at Lush, my life will be almost perfect. Almost.

18 May 2010

Schrödinger’s cat

I’ve just started to read a book about quantum physics instead of enjoying life without any physics-studies.



15 May 2010



So I’m quitted from uni. I hope I can go to the new school where i want to. *crossed fingers* Preliminary will be on 25th May.

The weather is cloudy and rainy. Awful.


And I dont have anything to do. So i started to do my Gaga-cosplay-series on pupe. I wish we had hairdos and gaga-styled outfits. oh… that would be AWESOME.

gagatelephone From the Telephone.gaga20090129_gaga_560x375

I’m so bored.

To be continued.

2 May 2010

If you’re bored in Afghanistan


American soldiers, you are amazing.


Oh my god, and it’s May already!!!! Slow down please, it’s too fast for me! It would be the best being in March…


Build me a time-machine.

Does anyone know Marty McFly and Emmett Brown?

no more ms labcoat-girl

There’s no more chemlab, and i’m sad about this fact. I loved this field-work, and I’m sure about that I’ll miss them so much soon. Especially the walks through the uni, wearing these labcoats and feeling myself like a clever doctor or a mad scientist.


And i need to prepare for the exams next week, but i rather go to anywhere but go learning now.


thats all