31 Oct 2009

Pumpkin King


Did you ever try roasted pumpkin?

Happy Halloween!

Мото_0012 Мото_0006 Мото_0008 Мото_0009 Мото_0010 Мото_0011

29 Oct 2009

My xmas money's for Jimmy


Pics with grey circles are my favs…. it would be a lil bit expensive, isnt it?hm_jimmy_choo21 hm_jimmy_choo28 20090921_jimmychoo1 20090921_jimmychoo2 20090921_jimmychoo3 20090921_jimmychoo4 20090921_jimmychoo5 20090921_jimmychoo9 20090921_jimmychoo10 20090921_jimmychoo16 hm_jimmy_choo03 hm_jimmy_choo05 hm_jimmy_choo18 hm_jimmy_choo20

24 Oct 2009

C’mon girls



As my fall-break has started, i got lazy. I have to prepare for the exams(6 EXAMS!), but i cannot do this. I want to finish that ribbon-top i sew, but I’m LAZY. C’mon Nicole… Noo, plz let me to be lazy. hermelin And she’s coming the town.

17 Oct 2009

Cats and a machine

Finally I got my sewing machine… a lil bit old, retro machine, but i love it^^



Isnt it cute? hehe

And take a look on our lil cats were found in the attic




Both of them are boys

Design week in Budapest (photos)


moto_1081 Did you know, that the Rubik cube is a Hungarian invention?



moto_1082moto_1083 moto_1093

But we have fashoin designers too….

moto_1086 moto_1084


moto_1088 moto_1089

And Kati Zoób, Anh Tuan, Je Suis Belle etc…. I love them*-*moto_1085


10 Oct 2009

Guess who they are!


(From left to right: Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Leia, Luke Skywalker and R2D2)

Some kind of boredom

I was a lil bit bored, and found a cool filled with funny pics… I want to share my favourites ^^ (yes, I’m extremly bored now… tomorrow i’ll have math lessons!! ON SUNDAY! my god…)


So here you are our beloved Obama, he’s so cutie-pie, isnt he? (He’s got the Nobel-prize bacause his cuteness makes the world more peaceful, heehee)


Rainbow coloured cat-tongue’s fabulous!



No comment….. heheheheheeee





This is LOL!!!


Okay, last one! But this is so true!! hehe… some kind of “crazy letters” are really cannot be read… I’m a bot!





7 Oct 2009

Chloé’s cosmetic surgery

It wasnt that cheap(in ribbons – never spend real money on virtual amusement), but I adore her new look! I was really bored with the shape of her face. 1000 ribbons! OMG! But okay.

I promise I wont spend money until the Halloween event! I’m EXCITED!! I love Halloween! Aww… bv

2 Oct 2009

The most important part of my heart

You were my best friend, you were my life, and I'll never forget you, my little beauty.