24 Sep 2009

Heads and arms are the new trend

There's something wrong with this UCB shop-window


2 weeks ago, a new store has opened, called Coin. Coin... Coin. What's this? Where is this from - a lil voice asked me again and again. And then, when I heard about that our princess, Paris Hilton comes to Budapest to open the Coin store with an extravagant fashion show (with her new collection), I thought, it will be something big. And it is!
Today I go there to look around and go in! First look: Make-up section with the usual brands: Chanel, Clarins, Estée Lauder, Pupa, etc. And some new brands (for me they are new)! Collistar, Deborah, Diego Della Palma ....etc. Oh, it's heaven. Then i went the clothing section, where I saw Richmond, Armani, Paris Hilton, Lui-Jo, Love Therapy etc.
In love. The place is beautiful, like a museum, i couldnt take any photos, but if I find any, i will post it here.
I bought a new powder, I really needed one! I'm too lazy to take a photo of it, so it is from the brands site.I bought one in the lightest color, 30. When I got home, tried it, and its brilliant! Love it!
Love Coin!
http://coin.it/ If you wanna read more about the store.

P.s.: and it has a home decorating section, too! *-* And Bags!! !!!!

22 Sep 2009

She won

I'm so happy cause of she won the Emmy! She was my favorite character of the Pushing daisies! Her character, Olive was hopelessly in love with Ned, but Ned loved Chuck, the dead girl. Huh, I miss the series.

18 Sep 2009

All I need now is a...

BEAUTY SLEEP! Since the uni started i havent slept my 8 hours. And I really need it or more. Thank God for weekends!

I need a satin pillow, they say satin pillow is secret of youth. hahaaaha
I love this pic of MM.

17 Sep 2009

Busy but its important :P

I was really bored with my girls haircolor and hairstyle. And I was really happy when I've recognised that there are a few new hairdos on pupe. The "Marie Antionette" hairs are ugly! But the western styles are so cute! I couldnt resist changing my girls look.

And I love the new event, esp the western stuff. I think Im gonna buy some items. But now take a look on my girl:


10 Sep 2009

I knew it

Yes, I'm Janet! Lol... i'm bored now. And I'm sick and tired. I hope it's not h1n1 lol... okay, im not so humorous today. I wasnt at school. Lazy girl! Rather sick.
I'm doing some quizes, now some RHPS. And my result is Janet.... yaay ^^ Im really bored.

Which Rocky Horror Picture Show character are you?

Janet Weiss

A Heroine

8 Sep 2009


I wanted to register to the Uni's library, but it wasnt that easy as I thought. Because this uni has two huge buildings (one of them has 9 floors, the other has 7 floors) and both of them has a billion corridors like a big labyrinth. I couldnt find the library and im so sad now. Tomorrow I'll have a one hour break, so i'll give one more chance to this adventure. I have to read a book for a course next Tuesday.... They should give us a map of the buildings, that would be very useful. Or a GPS. I need one. Its the 21th century! Everyone needs a GPS!