28 Sep 2010



It’s the most important place in the world. But we have to be far from home to believe this fact.

I’m home again.

6 Sep 2010

A long journey through time and space

A little France in central London DSCI9502with and exhibition!


DSCI9506 DSCI9507DSCI9511

And with heavenly cakes <3


Okay, the exhibition:

DSCI9557 DSCI9560 DSCI9520 DSCI9528 DSCI9529 DSCI9534  DSCI9536DSCI9544 DSCI9554 DSCI9616 DSCI9627 DSCI9568

Dig a pony


The dream of this The Beatles fan just came true. The only thing I missed was

Babett :(


it doesnt look the same, but it is

DSCI9485 DSCI9473 DSCI9481

Totally agree!