11 Feb 2010

Havent updated a while.

Uni has started again, i think this semester will be harder than I ever imagined. Today was the first Inorganic chemistry lesson in the laboratory!! 5 full hours! hard………… I bought a lab coat, i totally looks like a doctor in it. hehe.

But i go skating with schoolmates, so uni is not just about learning.

Can you imagine my happiness?

Wanted to post on 31st January, but my internet connection was slooooooow. So…




Oh, dears, i cant believe that my first semester is finally over. And I passed the chemistry exam, one of the hardest! Got the news some minutes ago! Now I feel super-happy! And yesterday was my poupée girl’s first bday, yaay :D 1

This was her first dressup… awful isnt it?… I totally obsessed with this cute site! Képkivágás

She changed a lot… I changed a lot of part on her… Her skin tone, the shape of her face, hairdo(a lot). She has over 500 dressup items! And I’m not bored on her. I still love this site.

I’m doing my next timetable. Exciting. I’ll hate mondays. Hehe.