24 Oct 2010

I have no life. All my friends have their own jobs, school, etc. And what about me? I have no school, no job, nothing. It feels terrible, because I have a lot of free time without doing anything. I want to spend them with my friends, with the people I call FRIENDS.

anyway, The Master and Margarita is an amazing book.

23 Oct 2010

It’s been 54 years


Remember of those people, they gave their life for the freedom.hungarian-freedom-fighter

13 Oct 2010

Donate me.

41858  Can I borrow some money from you guys to buy this cheap jacket? Just $50000, not a big deal… and i’ll pay it back as soon as I can. I promise.




dance, please!

ohmygod, he’s so talented. okay, girls are also talented, but who cares?

He’s my favourite dancer from the amirican show So You Think You Can Dance? …

btw, he dances for Lady Gaga now.