31 Dec 2009

A new beginning.

Happy New Year, dears! Oh, it’s still 2009 here, but somewhere it’s 2010 already! What an interesting world!

It’s a new beginning. Hope that it will be a fantastic year! And wish everybody the same.

aa I couldn’t resist to change Chloé’s hair. She is so cute with this hairdo, isnt she??

27 Dec 2009

Today’s concert-day

Yes, my favourite band’s!

Girls’ night out! DANCE!



2 Dec 2009

Happy December

Exams are coming! I just want late January, i dont wanna fail my exams(of course, who wants?) My days are boring, okay its a big lie, but believe me… I havent wrote here for a while, and i dont think that I will more often.

Cant wait till 27th december, We will dance and celebrate and scream like idiots at my favourite band’s concert! And oh, its December, woow! This year was soo short, or is it me?

Father’s in Hamburg, I miss him so much. :’(

cant write anything that makes sense, so i stop it now.

31 Oct 2009

Pumpkin King


Did you ever try roasted pumpkin?

Happy Halloween!

Мото_0012 Мото_0006 Мото_0008 Мото_0009 Мото_0010 Мото_0011

29 Oct 2009

My xmas money's for Jimmy


Pics with grey circles are my favs…. it would be a lil bit expensive, isnt it?hm_jimmy_choo21 hm_jimmy_choo28 20090921_jimmychoo1 20090921_jimmychoo2 20090921_jimmychoo3 20090921_jimmychoo4 20090921_jimmychoo5 20090921_jimmychoo9 20090921_jimmychoo10 20090921_jimmychoo16 hm_jimmy_choo03 hm_jimmy_choo05 hm_jimmy_choo18 hm_jimmy_choo20

24 Oct 2009

C’mon girls



As my fall-break has started, i got lazy. I have to prepare for the exams(6 EXAMS!), but i cannot do this. I want to finish that ribbon-top i sew, but I’m LAZY. C’mon Nicole… Noo, plz let me to be lazy. hermelin And she’s coming the town.

17 Oct 2009

Cats and a machine

Finally I got my sewing machine… a lil bit old, retro machine, but i love it^^



Isnt it cute? hehe

And take a look on our lil cats were found in the attic




Both of them are boys

Design week in Budapest (photos)


moto_1081 Did you know, that the Rubik cube is a Hungarian invention?



moto_1082moto_1083 moto_1093

But we have fashoin designers too….

moto_1086 moto_1084


moto_1088 moto_1089

And Kati Zoób, Anh Tuan, Je Suis Belle etc…. I love them*-*moto_1085


10 Oct 2009

Guess who they are!


(From left to right: Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Leia, Luke Skywalker and R2D2)

Some kind of boredom

I was a lil bit bored, and found a cool filled with funny pics… I want to share my favourites ^^ (yes, I’m extremly bored now… tomorrow i’ll have math lessons!! ON SUNDAY! my god…)


So here you are our beloved Obama, he’s so cutie-pie, isnt he? (He’s got the Nobel-prize bacause his cuteness makes the world more peaceful, heehee)


Rainbow coloured cat-tongue’s fabulous!



No comment….. heheheheheeee





This is LOL!!!


Okay, last one! But this is so true!! hehe… some kind of “crazy letters” are really cannot be read… I’m a bot!