30 Jul 2009

Recommended for me?????

Youtube really thinks that i'm interested in our soap-series (or wut?) and a scientic show's opening.
Hah... Show me more interesting things, dear YOUTUBE.

Thank you.

21 Jul 2009

Last week at Barbi's

Here you are some links to Babett's blog. She wrote a lot about the last week I spent there. Thank you Babett^^
I'm just too lazy....

First day: concert

Second and third day

And the last day: the wine

thats all

20 Jul 2009

Péterfy Bori & The Love Band

Here you are the autograph-"set", i mentioned in the last post.

This is me:


I love this band. Listen one of their tracks, here:

18 Jul 2009

At home again

I was at Babett's place for 3 days! I loved these day without parents... aww.. We did a lots of things, we've been on a concert, my favorit band's concert! And I got an autograph from them!! I will scan the paper, but im too lazy to do something like standing up from my comfy chair.
Babett will write a lot 'bout our 3-day-vacation. So, i wont write it down again. I post a link, and thats all.

Today was a horrible storm in our lil country! In the morning 35 °C, and in the afternoon 17°C!
100 km/h wind, heavy rain and lightning. Huhh, but the weather is better now. I dont like hot that there was. So im happy now^^

8 Jul 2009

New Hair

Finally I went to the hairdresser(!).
Wow... i like the new hairstyle, but its a lil bit strange now. really short for me, like Katie Holmes's hair.

6 Jul 2009

Haha I won again...

...and again with a cinema ticket!

I got this:

Im not that kind of fan of the high school musical. Lol... but i won this.
I tried it and its awesome! I dont mind that its hsm.... its wow. I've not thought that it is that good game. I may not sell it now, maybe later...

2 Jul 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

I was looking forward to see this film, and today we saw it! Amazing movie. Love that Chanel did with that uncomfortable fashion. She didnt scared of stand against the whole fashion-world, and do that she feels good.

And i think Audrey Tatou was a good choice, she really looks like Coco. And also a good actress.

1 Jul 2009


Im totally obsessed about changing hair-style. But dunno which hairstyle would be good for me. Short or medium? Im a lil bit scared of having short hair, 'cause I've had once and i didnt liked that. So what can i do now? I really want the change. And the second problem is that i havent got nice straight hair, but wavy. And with wavy hair I cannot make hairdos that i really like and want. Aghhh.