25 Mar 2010

I love chemistry


Just for pics. Made them today. Finally not just white tinctures… yaay. I totally love chem lab. The only problem is: it’s awfully tiring.

19 Mar 2010

Need to learn languages

I want to live in a calm village in the Czech Republic, having a nice house with garden, an apple tree or two, strawberries and carrots. I bet, Vincey would like this calm life with me. I dont know, why i wanna move to the Czech Republic, but it’s a nice country with hills to climb, places to discover. I need calmness, I feel myself frustrated nowadays. Maybe it’s just because the exams.

18 Mar 2010

Almost happy

I’m happy, because i got a five from Physics, I’ve never got such a good mark. My best mark was 4 in high school, when we learnt Lenses. But now, at the university! yaayz. I just want to thank my mother, my father, the mythbusters and….

But I’m not happy, because next week I’ll have FOUR exams! And i cant focus on them.

And I’m happy because it’s SPRING!!!!! And I just found this beautiful picture:


Happy 19th Birthday, Babett!

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