14 May 2009

My Little Family

I have a cat, called Milwaukee. She is nearly 1 year old, black, her eyes are golden.... so she is really cute. She is my best friend. We like playing together, hug each other, arguing about the food, and sleeping. She has 3 little kittens. They are all black, too, and absolutely cute! I love them! They are now 4 weeks old, they were born on 15, April. There are some pics about them^^
So, she is Grete, one of the 3 cute thingies! She is absolutely calm and pretty, she always sits and does nothing. But i love her. He is our lil' boy. He says: "I am the cutest, choose me!!" ^^ His name is Bandi now, but its not sure :)
She is Chuti (Csüti). She is full of energy, doing something every moment of the day! kinda hiperactive, or what...^^
And she is Milwaukee
as a little angel! Isn't she cute?^^

Good night!

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