26 Jun 2009


At our prom, we danced Beat it. That was awesome, i've always loved Michael Jackson.
It is unbelieveable, that he is dead now.
Rest in peace, Mike.


24 Jun 2009


Today was that day, I've looked forward for ages!
Before preparing the final exam, me and Babett had an excellent idea: If we pass the exams with good marks, we will go to the japanese restaurant, we adore, the Wasabi.


17 Jun 2009

will you?

The Bridal event is so nice on pupe! But a lil bit expensive. Today's dress up:


So, what's your answer, Lee?

Ps. tomorrow's final exam! Holy cow!

5 Jun 2009

3 Jun 2009

Goodbye, Grete! ):

Grete said goodbye to us. I'm so sad now because she left. But i should be happy, because i know, who her new mum is. She is in a good place, she will be loved by them.
I love you, Grete

1 Jun 2009


Say anything, this picture of Lee Pace reminds me of the ads of Covergirl cosmetics.LOL
I made it as an avatar, too... Cute Lee. I would buy anything that he sales.