15 May 2009

Death Note

No, I wont write down names and kill people in 40 seconds(or more) :) It was just my lucky day with Babett and 夜神 月(Yagami Raito). So I was in the cinema with my friend, Babett to see the second film of Daeth Note. It was good, cause I like the story, I really agree with Kira... I would do the same, if i have the chance.
There wasnt a crowd in the cinema, we were only about 10 and there was a draw. And surprisingly I won!!!! Hurray!!!^^
I won the first and the second manga, the anime DVD with four episodes and a super mug! Fantastic!
This is the mug:
I love the Ryuk-pattern on it! So, i feel lucky now. It happens so rarely.

And I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Fujiwara Tatsuya!!!!

Have a good night^^

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