21 Jun 2010

Hello, addict




I’m finished with the last episode of the 3rd season of my favourite series, Chuck. and, and, and I already miss it. And i realised that i’m a real serie-addict. Really. In my not-too-long life I’ve seen lots of series from Dallas to Gossip Girl. There’s more than 70 (!) series, I used to watch.

But the Chuck is one of the bests. It’s on my top 5 list. I dunno if it’s the first one, or the second. Just awesome. Can’t wait till autumn to watch the 4th season.

18 Jun 2010

June Bride


Finally! This is the most beautiful event on pupe! And surprisingly the dresses are not too expensive! the most expensive dress is 550r, not 600 :D okay, not a big difference :P


I love everything. The background is gorgeous, and the new hairstyles…. oh. I know, i’m a pupe-addict, but isnt it all like a fairytale?

Chloé’s saying ‘I do.’ But where is her fiancé? hehe. This is so sad, Chloé’s waiting for her Mr. Big, but he never comes… Or piyo is the One? :D

wedding 2Or maybe all pupes are lesbians… O_o Okay, stop it Nicole. (sorry, Babett :D)


I can’t decide whether I like or not like this dress. Extravagant. Maybe, I like. The sandals are awesome, must buy.

16 Jun 2010

a dream came true, finally


No, I havent won on lottery, but finally we have STARBUCKS in our little country! yesyesyessssssss

Мото_0231Мото_0227Мото_0226   Мото_0229Мото_0228  Мото_0230

Caramel macchiato: happiness.