31 Aug 2009

Things I want part 1

I dunno that i wanna make a part two of this something. But i do want things so bad. I wanna buy them, but my wallet cries, 'cause it's EMPTY. Empty like a big concert hall after the concert. I wanna buy the Daisy I love how it smells! It's really heaven-like. My other lover is Gaultier with his Ma Dame.
I loved it's advert with Miss Agyness, she is cute. But this fragrance is so much cuter than her. Oh, GOD, I need money. LOL
I'm gonna get a sewing machine yaay! I will sew some clothes for myself, I have lots of ideas for dresses and skirts. But I cannot sew a D&G Marilyn Monroe dress. Awesome!
And Jimmy Choo stuff from H&M! I cant wait for them. But i dunno when will they release. 14th November. I really cant wait!

20 Aug 2009


I was in my hometown today. I made some pics with my cell.
Morning sun. It was about 5.30 a.m.

it's not a good photo, but this is my old school.

the main square(the theatre in the foreground, where i've sung for some years, when i was so much younger)

And in the ugliest house's category: the gold goes to.......

That's all...

You are so old, but you wear it well!

18 Aug 2009

Everything is okay now

Thank you for me. I love myself. I dont know how, but my youtube-account is working now. Ermm... LOL

(I love these short entries)

Wanna kill somebody

Dear Youtube,

go to hell!


11 Aug 2009


I've just found this cute video about one of my little's, Grete. She is sooo adorable!

5 Aug 2009

I'm a designer

I've started to re-design my mom's old polka-dot onepiece to a more modern dress. I think it will be fashionable. I cut down the top of the dress and sew around the waist. So, its waist will be the top of the dress. bla..bla...
So, this was the original dress. I'll take a photo of its new design, but i'm not ready with it, yet. Later, later....

2 Aug 2009


I have it! AWWW.. I love this cute bow so much, and now! My pupe can wear it!


I know, Im addicted.