18 Jun 2010

June Bride


Finally! This is the most beautiful event on pupe! And surprisingly the dresses are not too expensive! the most expensive dress is 550r, not 600 :D okay, not a big difference :P


I love everything. The background is gorgeous, and the new hairstyles…. oh. I know, i’m a pupe-addict, but isnt it all like a fairytale?

Chloé’s saying ‘I do.’ But where is her fiancé? hehe. This is so sad, Chloé’s waiting for her Mr. Big, but he never comes… Or piyo is the One? :D

wedding 2Or maybe all pupes are lesbians… O_o Okay, stop it Nicole. (sorry, Babett :D)


I can’t decide whether I like or not like this dress. Extravagant. Maybe, I like. The sandals are awesome, must buy.

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  1. Kennek háreme lesz XD De az a kép aranyos lett :)