21 Jun 2010

Hello, addict




I’m finished with the last episode of the 3rd season of my favourite series, Chuck. and, and, and I already miss it. And i realised that i’m a real serie-addict. Really. In my not-too-long life I’ve seen lots of series from Dallas to Gossip Girl. There’s more than 70 (!) series, I used to watch.

But the Chuck is one of the bests. It’s on my top 5 list. I dunno if it’s the first one, or the second. Just awesome. Can’t wait till autumn to watch the 4th season.


  1. I've skipped a heartbeat... as I finish the exams... you have to show me this...adonis XD

  2. haha im glad you like him :P the first season is on 'moovies' or what, so you can watch it there. But if you wanna, I'll join to watch them someday(Maybe on a saturday...)