22 Sep 2009

She won

I'm so happy cause of she won the Emmy! She was my favorite character of the Pushing daisies! Her character, Olive was hopelessly in love with Ned, but Ned loved Chuck, the dead girl. Huh, I miss the series.


  1. YAAAYZ! I want a wooden pipe...erm... :D
    I was so happy too, I was sitting on japanese lesson when I got your message... I wanted to listen her wonderfoul sound as singing those beautiful songs...but uni is uni.... anyway! :D Well done Kirstin!

  2. Aren't they cute, with all their classes? Haha I wonder why Vanessa Williams didn't join in the fun..

    Kirstin's dress is BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Borcsanoir: Yes, i want one too! LOL But you were at a better lesson, i was at Physics aghh

  4. Serene: First, I thought, its just Kristin with her "2009" glasses, that I love so much, I want a same pair hehe. I dunno why Vannessa didnt join, i think she is too serious(in Ugly betty maybe) to wear something like the others. I dont know her series so much, her character. But i think that was the reason... or she is too conservative hehe