24 Sep 2009


2 weeks ago, a new store has opened, called Coin. Coin... Coin. What's this? Where is this from - a lil voice asked me again and again. And then, when I heard about that our princess, Paris Hilton comes to Budapest to open the Coin store with an extravagant fashion show (with her new collection), I thought, it will be something big. And it is!
Today I go there to look around and go in! First look: Make-up section with the usual brands: Chanel, Clarins, Estée Lauder, Pupa, etc. And some new brands (for me they are new)! Collistar, Deborah, Diego Della Palma ....etc. Oh, it's heaven. Then i went the clothing section, where I saw Richmond, Armani, Paris Hilton, Lui-Jo, Love Therapy etc.
In love. The place is beautiful, like a museum, i couldnt take any photos, but if I find any, i will post it here.
I bought a new powder, I really needed one! I'm too lazy to take a photo of it, so it is from the brands site.I bought one in the lightest color, 30. When I got home, tried it, and its brilliant! Love it!
Love Coin!
http://coin.it/ If you wanna read more about the store.

P.s.: and it has a home decorating section, too! *-* And Bags!! !!!!


  1. 1. take me there! where is it?
    2. I supose I need a new powder too... and foundation...and also money...geez

  2. its near the Vörösmarty square. As I said, I wanted to buy that scarf at H&M but there wasnt any :'( No problem. First, I didnt want to go in to the Coin, cause its so elegant and I wasnt, they looked at me with a weird face, but i didnt care about them. When I decided which powder I want to buy, a woman asked me, if I wanna to pay, and she helped me, and wow!

  3. eeew, snob shop... So it won't be our new favourite place as a "playground"... *sigh* They were helpful, one plus point :D