31 Aug 2009

Things I want part 1

I dunno that i wanna make a part two of this something. But i do want things so bad. I wanna buy them, but my wallet cries, 'cause it's EMPTY. Empty like a big concert hall after the concert. I wanna buy the Daisy I love how it smells! It's really heaven-like. My other lover is Gaultier with his Ma Dame.
I loved it's advert with Miss Agyness, she is cute. But this fragrance is so much cuter than her. Oh, GOD, I need money. LOL
I'm gonna get a sewing machine yaay! I will sew some clothes for myself, I have lots of ideas for dresses and skirts. But I cannot sew a D&G Marilyn Monroe dress. Awesome!
And Jimmy Choo stuff from H&M! I cant wait for them. But i dunno when will they release. 14th November. I really cant wait!


  1. Oh, I haven't smell the Daisy, it must be really good...the Madamme is just awesome just like that dress... good idea, but I have soooooo many stuffs I want...so I won't copy your idea. Smile!

  2. I hope you get Daisy soon!! Its lovely! :)

    There's a new one coming out.. Lola! Equally beautiful though I haven't sniff it yet.

    See their cute website here: http://lolamarcjacobs.com/

  3. Serene: I hope it, too! Aw, MJ always makes lovely flavours with lovely names! Anyways, thank you for the lin:)