5 Aug 2009

I'm a designer

I've started to re-design my mom's old polka-dot onepiece to a more modern dress. I think it will be fashionable. I cut down the top of the dress and sew around the waist. So, its waist will be the top of the dress. bla..bla...
So, this was the original dress. I'll take a photo of its new design, but i'm not ready with it, yet. Later, later....

1 comment:

  1. woaah! Are you gonna sew a tube dress? Amasing! :D I'm looking forvard the results! :) C'mon!
    Litle note: My granny is nearly done my cosplay dress, I made some pictures about it with my cellphone, but I left it there :É anyway, your dress will be adorable!!!