15 Jan 2011



  1. hello nicole!! what a funny post~ i like the part on leggings, it is so true!
    hahaha anyway i just posted a comment on babett's blog, i just got you girls a postcard from my country and wld like to send it to u, so i need u girls' addresses!

    would appreciate if u girls can email me the add at badbaldass@hotmail.com and i will send it to you soonest!!


  2. oooh, it's so kind of you! *little tear of happiness*
    I'll send the email right now.


  3. EPIC WIN :D that's all I can say :)
    You know that I have a phobic fear from uggs...
    hilarious post :D

  4. okay girl im sooo sorry, i cant find yr email on my mailbox but i have already taken down yr address.. Im just wondering if there's a postal code to add???

    Do email me again, im soooo sorry! :(:( sending it out to u girls when i get yr replies! :)

    take yr time, no rush hehe :)