23 Nov 2010

H&M and Potter

I went to the only H&M in the city where they released the new collection of H&M X Lanvin…… okay, nice. but where the hell are the stuffs? some dresses and an ugly coat.

Okay, crazy ladies bought them.

Anyway, i’m looking for a toque(?), because I’ve lost the other one last winter *cries*, and it was PERFECT, the only one, that could fit on my weird head correctly. AND I cannot find an other one. uhhhhhhh, my head gonna be frozen this season. meow.

….and finally we can watch the first part of the last episode(LOL) of the series Harry Potter <3 Friday gonna be a good day. I feel myself lucky, because I could seen all the episodes in premiere. It’s more than fantastic. I grew up with this amazing story. Okay, I stop.



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