29 Aug 2010


Just pictures, no words. C’mon Nicole, write someting. So. Being in London is wonderful, but I already miss family, friends and my little cat, Vincey. He’s my little boy. Now, I’m in Romford, London, it looks like a little English town. People are amazingly helpful here! I can’t believe it! In Budapest, they wont help you with your heavy luggage, but here they WANT to help you. I love this city, the peolpe, everything. We were in London today with Corina, went to the Notting Hill Carnival(it was okay), and seeing around central London. We bought food in a Tesco. There were sushi and Starbucks coffee in Tesco! HAH!DSCI9417Cinnamon whirls and chicken for just 1.50 pounds! We ate in the St. James’s Park, but it started to rain…  DSCI9382Before that we went through the London Bridge and went to see that famous building. THIS: what’s this name???  


You see the contrast between the old and the new one? Kinda interesting, huh. I love this city.

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  1. like a dream~
    Oh you're so lucky, take every chance and good luck with the little ones ^^