18 Jul 2010

Spammmmmmmm aaah… Finally Good Weather

Ten bands/artists you’ve recently listened to:

1.Lady Gaga

2.Taylor Swift

3.Nouvelle Vague

4.Jamie Cullum

5.The Beatles

6.The New Pornographers

7.Teddybears & Mad Cobra

8.KT Tunstall

9.Blood red shoes

10.The Shins

Nine things people should know about you:

1.I write short stories.

2.I have a weird sense of humour.

3.I don’t have a favourite colour. I like all the colours.

4.I love watching series.

5.I have lived in ten places in my life.(until now)

6.I’m a hopeless dreamer.

7.I don’t know what the others think about me.

8.I’m in love with clouds and stars.

9.My eternal favourite actor is Michael J. Fox.

Eight things you’d say to eight people:

1.I don’t know why I like you so much.

2.Thank you for being my best friend. (I’d say it to two ppl)

3.Please, don’t be late.

4.Don’t talk to me for five minutes, not a long time!

5.We haven’t talked since forever, tell me everything.

6.Sorry, but i don’t know you.

7.When will you come home?

8.I miss you.

Seven things you wish you had:


2.Ticket to somewhere



5.H&M everything is free VIP card

6.Manolo sandals


Six places you love:


3.My room

4.Budapest downtown



Five things you did today:
1.Watched TBBT and Chuck.


3.Bath my little kitten.(Not Vincey)

4.Enjoyed the good weather outside.

5.Ate a lot of watermelon.

Four people you wish you could meet:
1.Michael J. Fox

2.Lee Pace

3.Noel Fielding

4.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Three favorite things to drink:
1.Light coke

2.Orange juice


Two hopes for the future:
1.Find out what to do with my life

2.Live life without problems

One thing you love:
1. Vincey


  1. I know you for 5 years, you're my best friend, but I like to read about your thoughts so much *hug*

  2. thank you^^ i've seen one of your memes on deviantart, there was some new things about you... hehe five years wow!