18 Mar 2010

Almost happy

I’m happy, because i got a five from Physics, I’ve never got such a good mark. My best mark was 4 in high school, when we learnt Lenses. But now, at the university! yaayz. I just want to thank my mother, my father, the mythbusters and….

But I’m not happy, because next week I’ll have FOUR exams! And i cant focus on them.

And I’m happy because it’s SPRING!!!!! And I just found this beautiful picture:



  1. wooooa! You're super smart! :D congratulation!
    I got a 5 from literature on Tuesday and I couldn't believe to my eyes...
    beautiful picture, spring is so perfect...

  2. yes, i cant believe this:D i dunno how... youre smart too! ^^ I wish my future exams could be as good as this one...

  3. OH WOW you smartie!!!! Congratulations!!! Yay to good grades! Keep 'em up!! :):)

  4. thank you Serene:) I'm trying, i'm trying