18 Jul 2009

At home again

I was at Babett's place for 3 days! I loved these day without parents... aww.. We did a lots of things, we've been on a concert, my favorit band's concert! And I got an autograph from them!! I will scan the paper, but im too lazy to do something like standing up from my comfy chair.
Babett will write a lot 'bout our 3-day-vacation. So, i wont write it down again. I post a link, and thats all.

Today was a horrible storm in our lil country! In the morning 35 °C, and in the afternoon 17°C!
100 km/h wind, heavy rain and lightning. Huhh, but the weather is better now. I dont like hot that there was. So im happy now^^

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  1. Here's the link about that day: http://borcsanoir.wordpress.com/2009/07/20/
    Sorry my crappy drawings are on that day too... anyway I hope you've enjoyed yourself here! ^^